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If you are here you probably have a  demanding, high-pressure career,  which might be driving  you towards the edge of a burn out.
You are an expat or a world traveller; open-minded and looking to connect with individuals alike. You care about your mental health and the health of the planet – you are trying to live more sustainably and take action against climate change. 
You  might be quite familiar with yoga already or you are just curious about it. That’s ok – I am here to walk you through it.

A little background

My story

I spent nearly a decade working in marketing and sales in the aerospace and private jet industry – my clients were high-net-worth individuals, private jet owners, corporate flight departments – the top 1%.  It was a very rewarding career in many aspects – I was signing multimillion-dollar contracts each year, traveling the world, and expanding my life professionally and personally.
Being a top performer in a fast-paced and competitive environment taught me a lot. It also had led me towards yoga and meditation, which eventually grew to become a larger part of my life. 
After years of practice, I’ve become a certified yoga teacher (200hrs RYT + 100hr YTT) and I am bringing my practice to you with a goal to share the therapeutic power of yoga –  to facilitate more creativity, clarity, and confidence in our daily life.  Aren’t we all burnt out or nearly there? That’s what I thought.

You may wonder

What Yoga is (not)

I’ve never been an athletic person- as a matter of fact – I was usually one of the last ones to be picked up for any sports teams at school… so trust me,  yoga is not about how flexible or how muscular you are.
Yoga is not just a fancy pose to post on Instagram. It is not another way to compete with one another and boost your ego. Yoga is not just gymnastics or obsessing over labels and achievements. 
Quite on the contrary – yoga means full participation in life – but with more clarity, consciousness, and joy. Along with more vulnerability, observance, and acceptance comes inner and outer strength.
Yoga is about deep exploration and awareness of our body, our thoughts, and our deepest essence. With that introspection comes the realization of our interconnection with the planet and its wellbeing. 
As long as you bring your mind, body, and breath in synchronization – you are practicing yoga. Yoga is a form of therapy and I am excited to share it with you.

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Incorporation of meditation and discovering its impact on the nervous system and overall wellbeing. 



Introduction to pranayama techniques such as Ujjayi breath.

When performed without attachment, the action becomes an easy way to obtain the real goal in life, which is communion with the Divine.

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher